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It's the Rookie of the Year Chose alot done happened since I got with the league/

Before I was scheming for things to try to see green like army fatigues/

In the kitchen water whippin making Dirty Money praying that I make it clean/

start chasing my dreams, I didn't succeed until I found God now i been redeemed/

See I read through you like an article/

you'll start singing when that Auto-Tune/ Got banana clips that's cool but this Ape real (April) like before May and June/

God got the kid making moves now so my past trying to catch up to me, I got too much to lose now so I had to split like the screen on Call of Duty/

first thing Ima say In my interviews that I ain't never been into subliminals so I'mma tell em if they're rapping after me on any beat they probably won't remember you/

man do you see how the league do with the pen who you kidding we don't play/ me against you that won't be a toss-up homie like a wedding bouquet/

God made a way out of no way so I'm always in beast mode/

he'll never go Rogue on you through your storm long as Jubilee (you believe) Heroes (he rose) like X-Men but when life start pressing all your buttons like a cheat code you in bad shape you ain't got to Triangles (try angles) Circle God that's what he's for.



Vegeta with the vocals, lyrically Im goku

These Doug Funny rappers couldn’t even killa tofu

That’s why ill finish em off while the cam shootin

One in the front one in the back, he Cam newton

Yeah, All this talk against the faith getting played out

Prayer line, lay hands on em, get laid out

better, tell them Pee Wee’s we don’t play house

Double edge sword, I’m itchin pull the blade out

Modern Day Gideon, you step to the camp/

Whole team full of warriors I'm Kevin Durant/

Yea the champ in his Golden state, it's not Frieza/

So you couldn't bury the talent with John Cena/

no Plan B so I’ll never abort

I’MA Tell em Christ reigns, like a weather report

Yea a brother fell off, but I'm on the rebound

But can't take the credit, the card machine down



Chaos all around me but I stay calm

Aleppo cup of coffee in the morning smelling napalm/

Looking like preschool practicing these K drawn/

Numb to the war and I'm asking where the hopes gone/

Speaking Life to this dark matter/

All we need is heart surgery letting the price of sin bypass ya/ and it's not that a fly Pastor spit a dope sermon on a Sunday that you no longer call death master/ it happened at a skull on a rock face, street level so the passerby's could see how death tastes/ 

Wonder how many hashtag or likes we would see if the pharisees had IG at Calvary/ 

#squadgoals #Hedead #kingofKings #bloodred 

Catch me outside of that garden tomb ... empty bed/ laid and took up his life is what the scriptures read/


Ike Hill:

Yo now that I got ur attention/when u discussin who's the best why we hardly get mentioned?/cuz we run circles round these rappers that the radio spinnin/Tell charlamagne to put us on the breakfast club like detention/it's prolly cuz my faith ain't replaced as a part of the message/so I'mma just keep pushing these buttons harder than tekken/yea I'm not a planeteer but the heart is my weapon/u see the strength in the numbers yea that's called repitition/I'll crush the opposition yea they destined to fail/yea they catching this L, cuz they got hands like O'Dell /like people asking bout my race cuz they can't really tell/he say that he's black but he look Asian as well/well, best of both worlds, Jig and Kelly, go Nelly give em country grammer/raise the bar tho, go furtado then get props from ur grandma/givin gifts like I'm Santa, cuz I got it in the bag/here's one for the mumble rappers tell em throw it in the trash



I'm a king from the queen where crown's royal/so I'm in the field planting seeds lyrics found soil. We're fully loaded aiming for hearts of street walkers/fire in our bones trying to get that heat off us. Say what my life like, trying to be like Christ/since killas come out at night guess I'm a night light. Cause the old me dead had to snipe that/and when it tries to resurrect man i fight back. And i don't pull puches/buffet my body for full function, eyes on the prize and I'm still runnin. The world is cold and hearts are bruised(they hurting)/we sound the alarm they hit the snooze(they searching). i used to chase cash in stacks thicker than deep dish, pizza/stayed on my chips like cheese wiz. Jesus set me frito/laid my life down so he can use me every time he sees fit. 



come one, come all...it's the main event/

got wit a crew and a Savior, ...crusading since/

all the kings men....up the dosage/

brothers from my area code is in a hurry to grow this/

no ulterior motives, just force/

born ready, I'm already at the summit/

I saw the kingdoms of the world, and he asked me did I want it?/

satan even said the angels got me,  said I could plummet/

but that Word is a double edged axe/

I'm trouble. Head back home, let alone facts/

the myths got em shook up, jetting from we/

to where the devil should be on medical leave/

he betta call in sick, call his next of kin, to haul in bricks and wall himself in/

send out S.O.S. distress signals/

parasites turn to nervous ticks, turrets syndrome/

laced up, them souls(soles) got tread on em/

after the crip(crypt) and the blood that was shed for em/

gang gang... put that 'lit' in liturgical/

Summer Sehnteen and this one is personal/